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Sponsoring Tenerife Flog It & Chat™ (Official) couldn't be easier or simpler but first our reach...

Reach Over 13 Thousand Tenerife Residents !

Our group has over 13,000 members and is by far the most active group that focuses on Tenerife and the community generates around 3,300+ posts and comments a month. We have over 8,900 active members each month and this means any publicity posted gets seen by at least 8,900 members each month.

Also, our group is public which means anything posted is seen not only by members but can be shared and seen publicly even by non group members. Potentially reaching another 10,000 – 20,000 users easily.

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As a sponsor you can benefit from this in a number of ways...

Your Brand in The Group Cover Photo

This is seen on both desktop and mobile so it doesn't matter whether a member is using a mobile device or a desktop computer, your brand is seen.


  • For a quarter of the cover photo you pay just 25€ per month
  • For half of the cover photo (top, bottom or side) you pay just 50€ per month
  • To use the entire cover photo we charge just 75€ per month


To have a post of your choosing pinned to the top of the group page we charge just 25€ per month. You create the post and we simply pin it to the top of the group as an announcement which means every visitor and member sees it before any other content.


  • Just 25€ per month per announcement

Scheduled posts:

For an additional fee of just 25€ per month we will take up to a maximum of 10 posts you provide (Image + text + link to your website) and post these into the group for you. We will post 1 post a day into the group at the optimal time for viewers so you get the most bang for your buck.


  • Just 25€ per month (one post per day)

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