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Selling your stuff with Tenerife Flog It couldn't be simpler:

  • Post your item into our group (with a price)
  • We'll list it here for you FOR FREE !

It REALLY is that simple !

We'll take your item, add it to our website and display it alongside other items for sale. We'll also publish it back into the group for you and from the website you can share the post with anyone you like and on any social media platform you like.

This way you sell your items much more quickly !


There's no additional cost for selling your items through our website, we post the item up at the exact same price you publish it for in the group. We do make a small charge if a purchase is made online as we will be holding the payment for you while the buyer collects.

Collection & Delivery

If needed we will also collect the item from you, pay you and take it to the buyer.

If an additional charge is required for delivery we will communicate directly with the buyer and agree this.

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