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We have over 7,000 users in our Facebook group
(Tenerife flog it, buy it, sell it, fix it, donate it.).

Around 75% of these are using a mobile phone and between 70-75% are active in any given month.

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Simply post an item into our group and you'll see it here too. This way you reach a much wider audience and sell your items more quickly.


Our website is 100% secure so you can sell in the knowledge that your information is safe !

Reach Thousands Of Tenerife Residents

As an advertiser you can use our platform to reach thousands of prospective buyers and as a seller you can sell your items far more quickly with our "Premium" services.

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Tenerife Flog It

Buy It, Sell It, Fix It, Donate It with Tenerife Flog It.

Advertise With Us

Reach Over 17,000 Users !

We have a combined reach of over 17,000 users via our group, Jobs in Tenerife's website & Facebook page + newsletter subscribers.

We can also ensure that all group members and page fans get to see your publicity through targetting.

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NOTHING. We'll simply take your content from our Facebook group and publicise it here for you absolutelt free !

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